Search! Awesome Social Game Experience

Okay seriously, check out It’s a free platform that combines games, video and chat together. My students LOVE it and it’s really easy for them to use. I like to use it with groups of 3-5 who are working on social learning goals (see below).

Sign up with your Google or Apple account, and create a Space. You'll get a code to share with others in the chat box of Zoom so they can join your private Space. Once students are signed in, have them mute their microphone in Zoom to prevent feedback. Then, choose a game to play. I recommend starting with Doodle or Bonfire (some have more mature language so you’ll want to preview beforehand). Games range in size from one to 12 players.

Therapy targets:

  • Initiate conversations, target supporting comments and follow-up questions

  • Build rapport with social groups

  • Establish good sportsmanship, encourage compliments and provide opportunities to give each other small ‘wins’

  • Expand vocabulary (Doodle)