Padlet for Social Emotional Learning

Padlet allows you to create an online ‘post-it’ board that’s interactive with your students. Students can insert ideas anonymously or with their name and it’s very easy to use. Whenever a Padlet board is opened, the viewer can see what’s on it and what everyone is posting/writing. This works on all devices and is a great way to build social learning skills.

Here’s a quick tutorial on a variety of ways to use Padlet:

Therapy targets:

  • Brainstorming topics & ideas (gestalt processing)

  • Target initiation (students write questions to a given topic)

  • A visual exit speech session ticket (students must write or insert photos about what they learned during that session)

  • Write 3 things you learned today

  • If you had to explain to a friend what you learned today, what would you tell them?

  • Building ‘friend files’ (Social Thinking™)

  • Use Shelf and create Zones of Regulation Padlet (Zones of Regulation™)

  • Build supporting comments and foster follow-up questions (e.g. List 1 thing you enjoyed about Spring Break and then comment on 1 friend’s post that relates to their post)

  • Create a Padlet ‘wall’ to help strengthen emotional vocabulary

Padlet is also great for tracking data for IEPs!