Frustrated with assessments that inaccurately represent your autistic students?


Easily gather crucial social & emotional data in real-time. With this fun, strengths-based assessment that reveals strengths & interests. And targets:

✔ Self-advocacy

✔ Friendships

✔ Problem solving

✔ Self-regulation

✔ And more...

Frustrated with assessments that inaccurately represent your autistic students?


Easily gather crucial social & emotional data in real-time with this fun, strengths-based assessment that targets:

✔ Self-advocacy

✔ Friendships

✔ Perspective Taking

✔ Accommodations

✔ And more...

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“I feel at a loss for what to do when I assess my autistic students.”

I feel you. I’ve been there. 👇

If you’re like most SLPs I know, you’ve spent hours assessing a student only to end up with standardized scores that don’t truly reflect their skills and abilities. 

Why? Because standardized assessments are not normed on autistic kids.

They don’t provide us with the critical information we need to create strengths-based goals and comprehensive reports!

Formal assessments fail to reveal important information about some of the most critical areas where our autistic kids need support, like… 

✔ Self-advocacy

✔ Friendships

✔ Perspective Taking

✔ Self-regulation

✔ and more…

And you absolutely NEED this data if you want to write goals for your students that have a lasting impact on their happiness and their ability to navigate socially for the rest of their lives!

But there hasn’t been an assessment to target these key areas…

Until now...

Introducing the DASEL!

The Dynamic Assessment of Social Emotional Learning (DASEL)... the “missing component” you need to identify the ‘functional’ routine daily social activities of your autistic students, a requirement per IDEA!

With this strengths-based informal assessment, you’ll uncover your student’s unique needs that will help prepare them for further education, employment and independent living - making you feel more confident in your evaluations.

Check out what's inside!

You might be wondering "Does this work in tandem with what I'm already doing?" or "Is it easy to use?"

Well, I've got some great news for you! 

I answer all of those questions in this video preview.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This video was for the original DASEL and doesn't include all the components you're actually getting with this version (like the sample report, suggested goal bank and other bonuses). But it should give you a good idea of  some of the core components.

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Reveal hidden support needs. With a strengths-based approach.

Assess Your Student’s Characteristics, Skills & Abilities in Real-time


Reveal important information about your student’s ability to seek out support when needed, self-regulate during times of dysregulation and perspective taking abilities in realistic situations.

Uncover Skills & Abilities


With this unique informal assessment, you’ll uncover critical data about the student’s skills, abilities and challenges. Use what you learn to connect, engage, and motivate your students on an individual basis.

Discover Passions & High Focus Areas of Interests


Gather essential information about your student’s strong interests, what they’re seeking in friendships, and their priorities in life after high school. 

Use your new knowledge to help your students make natural friendships and reach long-term fulfillment and happiness.

Get Stronger Data for Your IEP Meetings


Use the examples in the sample reports you get with your copy of the DASEL to quickly spin up your own reports for use in IEP meetings.

Enter every IEP armed with more neurodiversity-affirming data so you can advocate for the support you know your autistic kids really need.

Uncover My Student's Hidden Strengths!

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What's at the heart of this amazing assessment?


✅  Digital Teacher & Caregiver Forms allow for easy-to-use data collection of strengths and opportunities…

✅  Therapist Observation Checklist provides feedback to help develop neurodiversity-affirming IEP goals...

✅  Student Strengths & Interests Survey to obtain information about their friendship goalsself-identity, and self-advocacy skills...

✅  Mini goal writing course  including a suggested neurodiversity-affirming goal bank

Assess My Students

Alysa Nava, SLP


I love this assessment so much and so do my students and their parents! My students are very much drawn to the self-assessment and being able to express the supports they need in an easy way, and they stay super engaged throughout. This assessment will always be a part of my assessment strategy for my autistic students.

Claudia Ceballos, SLP


I actually use this for MOST of the students on my caseload. I like having the insight into my student's own thoughts and feelings for what they want in a friend, and what types of supports they need. It's extremely helpful to see how students use their abilities in realistic situations, and this assessment helps me give them support based on that information.

Rhea Lynch, SLP


The DASEL has been extremely valuable for initial evals, annual IEP meetings, and triennial reviews for students within a variety of eligibility categories. It's really easy to collect information that doesn't target 'treatment' or 'deficits'. It helps support their characteristics, strengths, and challenges to better address self-advocacy, perspective taking skills, and other areas of need. My goals are much more informed, and the students actually love being able to give input.

Everything you need to assess quickly. Stay organized. And get better data.

Quick & Easy Assessment (takes less than 30 min.)


The DASEL is fun, quick and easy. Students LOVE it. And so do parents & teachers.

✔ Takes less than 30 minutes to administer.

✔ Grab important SEL data from outside the classroom with the click of a button.

✔ Enjoy a fun informal assessment that's neurodiversity affirming and easy to give.

Individualized Student Data in a Simple Dashboard


Get all your student data back instantly and compiled into individual dashboards.

✔ Dashboard for each student

✔ No messy paperwork

✔ Easy-to-read data and reports

Short “How to” Videos for Giving the DASEL


I’ll show you exactly how to use the DASEL for maximum effectiveness in just a few short videos.

✔ Short video for each component

✔ Bonus instructional videos

✔ Streamline implementation of this assessment

Uncover My Student's Hidden Strengths!

$149 Just 99

Plus, grab these exclusive Bonuses.

BONUS: Sample Reports for Presenting Data in IEPs


Use the sample reports you get with your copy of the DASEL to throw together quick and easy reports for use in your IEP meetings.

✔ Guide to easily writing reports with your data.

✔ Walk into your IEP meetings feeling confident in your data and ready to propose well-informed goals.

BONUS: Neurodiversity Affirming Resources to Engage Your Kids


Get some of my FAVORITE resources and websites for keeping kids engaged in a neurodiversity affirming way. Free when you buy the DASEL now!

✔ 5 Bonus Resources For School-Aged Students

✔ Video Tutorial on how to use resources

BONUS: Lifetime Updates to the DASEL


As new components and requests are added to the DASEL, you'll be the first to get access for life!

✔ Get improvements to the DASEL for free

✔ Have the opportunity to make requests (I've already added things to the DASEL because of customer requests, like the sample reports)

Danica Fludzinski


The personal questions really give me insight on my students personal strengths and how they think/feel about themselves. The natural, real life examples are perfect. I’m honestly stunned by how easy and fun this assessment was to give!

Sharon Mefeelins


I appreciate it not being deficit focused. I've been searching for strengths based/neurodiversity positive DA for my ASD evals, and this perfectly fits the bill. The videos are very funny and age appropriate, and I really like the teacher surveys as well!

Don't let your students miss out on the support they need!

The autistic kids you serve and support absolutely NEED you to write goals that are based on more holistic data.

It's our responsibility to do that for them.

And if the goals you write for those students don't take self-advocacy and autonomy into account, those kids are going to be stuck with imperfect goals during some of the most crucial months/years of their life.

No one wants that!

And THAT is why the data that the DASEL provides is so important...

...because being aware of these student's social-emotional differences has a real impact on their long-term happiness and their ability to thrive in the world.

So... grab your copy of the DASEL and let's help them thrive!

Grab Your Copy!

$149 Just 99

Grab Your Copy

$149 Just 99

  • Digital Student Assessment (self-report)
  • Teacher Form
  • Discreet Digital Therapist Observation Form
  • Instant Digital Reports Dashboard
  • Parent/Caregiver Form
  • Suggested goals bank
  • Strengths-based Skills & Abilities Form
  • Accommodations Form
  • BONUS: Lifetime Updates to the DASEL
  • BONUS: Added resources as they come out
  • BONUS: Example reports for using in IEP meetings with neurodiversity affirming goals
  • BONUS: Video Tutorials For Using The DASEL & Free Resources

Grab Your Copy

$149 Just 99

  • In-Person Student Assessment
  • Digital Student Assessment
  • Teacher Form
  • Discreet Digital Therapist Observation Form
  • Instant Digital Reports Dashboards
  • Parent/Caregiver Form
  • BONUS: Lifetime Updates to the DASEL
  • BONUS: Added resources as they come out
  • BONUS: Example reports for using in IEP meetings ( coming soon! )
  • BONUS: Video Tutorials For Using The DASEL & Free Resources
Grab Your Copy!