Let’s Give Our Autistic Students the Neurodiversity- Affirming Support They Need!

Discover the powerful strategies you NEED if you want to:

Give an assessment that accurately reflects your autistic student's TRUE abilities

Write ND affirming goals

Increase student engagement

 Build a positive self-identity

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Who's Chris Wenger (a.k.a. Speech Dude)?

I'm an enthusiastic, neuordivergent high school SLP and internationally-acclaimed presenter who’s on a mission to improve the way we assess our autistic kids.

I love sharing neurodiversity-affirming techniques and practical ways to infuse them into therapy for autistic students, and I encourage fellow clinicians to be the best versions of themselves, while inspiring their students to do the same!

Let's transform your speech therapy by...

✔  Supporting autistic kids with a model that accepts neurodiverstiy.

 Collecting better data that targets a positive self-identity, allows autistic students to be their true authentic self, and aims for long-term happiness...

Making assessments more engaging and fun!

And much more!

Free Webinar! How To Shift From Deficits-based IEPs To A Neurodiversity-Affirming Approach.


Become the rare therapist who can walk into the IEP room confidently ready to:

 Share a report that's legally defensible (includes the little-known truth you must know about IDEA law!)

 Build positive self-identity, autonomy, happiness and long-term independence with your autistic kids.

  Provide more neurodiversity-affirming supports and accommodations that actually make a difference...

 Confidently communicate in IEPs with parents/advocates the importance of a ND-affirming approach...

Okay! Make My IEPS Awesome, Speech Dude!

Start assessing your students in a neurodiversity-affirming way with this FREE masterclass!

Inside you’ll find out about:

A legal obligation we have as SLPs that isn’t being fulfilled (this is a MUST-know!).

What autistic people are telling us about speech therapy (and what needs to change).

A key strategy for helping foster authentic friendships in your students (hint: you can’t do this by teaching social skills).

And so much more...

Bonus: Get 5 incredible resources to engage your speech students, a legally defensible report and an ND affirming goal bank!

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Check Out the DASEL

The Dynamic Informal Assessment of Social and Emotional Learning (DASEL) fills the gaps that standardized testing leaves behind.

Use this assessment to gather important data about:


 Skills & Abilities

Perspective taking

 Sensory needs


And more...

Grab the DASEL