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Tired of seeing your child struggle and feeling powerless to help?

As much as I hate to say it… the data that comes out of most IEPs are deficit-focused, which means they focus only on all the stuff your child can’t do — and they ignore your child’s unique needs, their strengths, and who they actually are.

You might see an IEP framed such as...


1. “Will improve ability to hold eye-contact for appropriate amount of time...” (proven to create extreme anxiety)

2. “When working with a partner (or small group), student will take turns speaking and will use whole-body listening (e.g. eyes looking, hands and feet stay still)...” (proven to be damaging to autistic children)

3. “Will engage in reciprocal communication during 3 consecutive turns about a peers chosen topic.” (leads to negative self-esteem)

4. “Will use verbal language to communicate needs during classroom hours.” (invalidates autistic communication preferences and leads to negative self-identify)

This approach has been proven ineffective through multiple studies..


So, why is the IEP still written like this for your child?

The answer is simple…

Most IEPs are relying on the same prehistoric model that hasn’t been updated since sometime around Fred Flinstone’s 5th birthday…

…and NONE of these approaches are neurodiversity (ND) affirming!

But there IS a way you can start influencing meetings to get your child an IEP that is validating!

You just need to become knowledgeable about which conventional supports may not be a good fit and which ones can help your child make purposeful progress, reach toward more independence, and experience long-term happiness.

And that’s what this webinar is going to teach you how to do!

So RSVP right now because this is a LIVE event and SPACE IS LIMITED!


Gain An Understanding Of Neurodiversity-Affirming Practices


During this LIVE presentation, I’m going to teach you the difference between a conventional IEP that doesn’t align with what your child really needs (e.g., data based on a prehistoric model)...

…and neurodiversity-affirming approaches that consider your child's characteristics, their unique needs, and their personal preferences.

These ND affirming concepts are based on multiple studies, as well as from listening to the voices of the autistic community.


Become More Confident & Competent In IEPs


Trying to figure out what's best for your child in an IEP meeting can feel like navigating a sailboat in the middle of a hurricane…

The language built within the IEP itself is focused mostly on deficits… and half of it sounds like another language. Special Education language should come with it's own dictionary!

Whether you agree with the current supports or not, you’re hoping they meet your child's needs because you’re not sure of any alternatives. But once you’re armed with the knowledge in this webinar, you’ll be able to better collaborate with the IEP team to make a positive change for your child.

You’ll leave knowing how to identify and suggest powerful new IEP for your child…

AND you’ll also help your child your be their true authentic self!


Meet “Speech Dude”

Hi, I’m Chris Wenger.


Hi, I’m Chris Wenger.

I’ve been a high school SLP for over 20 years.  Being neurodivergent myself, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that a neurodiversity-affirming approach is key to building strong relationships with your kids and helping them develop the life skills that have a real impact on their long-term happiness.

It’s my mission to empower every person involved in these kids’ lives to supply the best support possible... and that includes YOU (the parent!).

This webinar will teach you how to “filter” your child’s IEP through a neurodiversity-affirming lens so you can walk more confidently into your next meeting.

I guarantee, you’ll feel more confident in supporting your child!

- Chris Wenger (a.k.a., “Speech Dude”)


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